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    Privacy Policy

    Chris Karak

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    Privacy Policy

    Post  Chris Karak on Tue Jun 07, 2011 10:38 am

    Hello All Forums Members,

    The following is the Privacy Policy for you resource.


    Chris Karak
    Forum Admin


    1. Ways we collect your Information

    One way we collect your information is at registration when you enter you email, name, timezone, etc. The user may voluntarily give his/her birthdate and other personal information at there disposal. Another way would be in the profile editor, the user can also voluntarily give personal information in that manner.

    2. Use of Personal Information

    We at RPG-X Community Forums don't sell, distribute, or otherwise give away or rent your personal information in any way. Your privacy is honored very highly in this group.

    3. Use of "Cookies" in your web browser

    A, "cookie" is a file that is stored on your browser everytime you visit a different website. This file doesn't include any personal information but, it is used for mostly usage statistics. Cookies can contain personal information you give to us. Cookies are not a virus, bug, spyware, or any other mallicous program. Cookies don't "scan" or take information from you computer in any way.

    4. Other ways we get your Information

    - Surveys user completed
    - Any extra information added to the profile page
    - Registration sign-up
    - Emailing the admin
    - Personal Messaging other users

    5. Agreement

    Upon registration, you agree to our Terms and Conditions and also our Privacy Policy. This forum is run by a Third Party server called Forummotion. They have a usage policy also, click this link to view that policy: https://www.forumotion.com/en/create-forum/terms-of-service.htm

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