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    Rules of the Forums

    Chris Karak

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    Rules of the Forums

    Post  Chris Karak on Tue Jul 20, 2010 6:11 pm

    The following are the rules agreed to at time of registration:

    1. No Abusive/Offensive Bahavior
    There will be no offensive posts/topics/PM's allowed in this forum. RULE #: 1

    2. Adult Material
    Even though this forum is for everyone, allot of the members using RPG-X are teenagers or young adults. ALL ADULT CONTENT IS PROHIBITED. RULE #: 2

    3. Ads and Advertising
    Advertising is allowed in the Free talk and Ads Forum. Anywhere else is PROHIBITED. RULE#: 3

    4. Impersonating another member
    Impersonating another member will NOT be acceptable and therefore will consult in urgent suspension of account for 1 month. RULE#: 4

    5. Posts and Topics
    Any post made in a topic that is off topic will become a contact from the Administrator with one warning, if it happens again the topic will be locked. RULE#: 5

    Any rule that is broken EXCESSIVELY will result in urgent deletion of account; you will not be able to re-open until 1 year later. Also you will need a letter from you emailed to admin, saying you will not break another rule again. We here at RPG-X Community are very strict on rules. Also there will be a Forum for possible emendements to the rules and additions that can be suggested. The staff of RPG-X Community may at any time change these Rules and Policies.

    Chris Karak
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